The fourth annual GO Fest, Whistler’s Great Outdoors Festival, returns on the Victoria Day Long Weekend. Come and spend four days trying different outdoors activities in a beautiful outdoor setting. Get outside and celebrate the convergence of summer and winter at GO Fest, May 19 – 22, 2017.


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Whistler's Great Outdoor Festival

Sunday, May 17, 2015

This multisport, team relay features six timed stages starting with ski/snowboard touring and downhill skiing/snowboarding on Whistler Blackcomb, downhill mountain biking in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park from the snow line to the valley, running, canoeing through the River of Golden Dreams, and finishing with cross country biking.

Hope you all enjoyed the warm sunny weekend.

The ice is starting to break up on Alta Lake and Backroads Whistler is getting calls from people who can’t wait for summer. So...we launched a few kayaks yesterday and had an ice break up party, with Jane, Matti and Sham.