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What to do in the Evening in Whistler

Whistler, British Columbia, is known for its outdoor recreational activities, stunning views, amazing hiking trails, and lakes. Mountain biking in the summer months and skiing in the winter bring millions of visitors to participate in these daily activities. But what happens when the sun goes down and the lifts stop running? What is there to do? Why is there no night skiing? Can I still have fun in the evenings in Whistler? The answers to all these questions and more can be found below in Backroad’s guide to evenings in Whistler.

Outdoor evening activities

Whistler is known for its physically active lifestyle and offers many excursions and activities to keep everyone happy, exercised, and occupied. For those looking for more adventure, there are many outdoor evening activities in Whistler. These activities regularly bring unreal sunsets, the opportunity for exciting views, and time spent in the fresh mountain air.

Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is a wonderful way to spend an evening. A 15-minute drive north of the Whistler village, the immersive experience begins at the Adventure Group, where Superfly Ziplines and snowmobile and ATV tours start. The night walk in Whistler takes you through the ancient forests of Cougar Mountain. The story of the forest, Whistler’s history, and the critters that inhabit the area weave through a magnificent show of light, illustrations, and storytelling. The hiking trails take you up stairs, across suspension bridges, and down a well-built double-track trail lit by little lanterns on the ground. The 1.5km walk takes between 50 and 80 minutes, depending on your walking pace and your time at each scene. The light show alone is worth the trip north of the village.

Evening activties in Whistler at Vallea Lumina

Wildlife at Twilight Tour

The Wildlife at Twilight tour by Backroads Whistler takes you down the River of Golden Dreams in the golden hour light. At twilight, most wetland animals are active, getting ready for the night. They are out collecting food and setting up a sleeping place. The chance of seeing lots of different wildlife is higher, and Backroads’ guides know all the hiding places of the birds, bears, and beavers. When you take the time to spend an evening on the lake and the river you won’t be disappointed.

A beaver- Wildlife at Twilight

Mountain Top Fondue

If you’re visiting during the winter months, when the days are short, the nights are long, and the sun sets early. The evenings can feel like they come too soon, and you haven’t gotten your fix of the great outdoors. These days the ski resort’s lift stops turning at three, sending you to the bottom of the hill and onto the village stroll. However, there is a special opportunity available. Eat your dinner at the top of the Crystal Chair on Blackcomb mountain. The Crystal Hut Fondue Tour takes you up the mountain in a snowcat and into the Crystal Hut for a surreal mountain top fondue dinner. The views of the lights of Whistler below and the glow on Rainbow Mountain lit up by the moon light are truly something special. Even with the cold wind outside the window of the Crystal Hut,  the warmth of friends and good food is worth every penny.

Mountains at night

Indoor Evening Activities

If you have had enough of the outdoors, or the weather is less than inviting, there are some great indoor options to spend your evening or night. There is incredible nightlife and bar scene in the Whistler Village. If you are looking for a more relaxed way to start your evening, there are plenty of activities all over Whistler to start your evening off. Depending on your budget, time frame, and interests, you can keep yourself busy for hours. 

The Escape Room

The Escape Room is an interactive experience for friends and families, testing teamwork and problem-solving skills. Located in the Hilton Hotel, the location is perfect for some pre-dinner excitement if you are on a waitlist or your reservation is an hour or two away. The escape room creates interactive situations where you have to use your problem-solving skills to escape the scenario. There are multiple situations, so if you go multiple times it will not be the same scenario and clues as before. The escape room can show your friends true colors putting even the best problem solver’s skills to the test. Find out if you can escape next time you are in Whistler.


The Nightlife

You would be lying if you said Whistler wasn’t known for its nightlife and bar scene. With five different clubs and over a dozen other bars and restaurants throughout the Whistler and Blackcomb villages. The many bars offer great food and atmosphere. Many bars have weekly trivia, live music, and other activities. In the upper village, RMU and Handle Bar share a patio space, where the aprés vibe is one of the best in Whistler. Many locals frequent these two bars for the friendly staff and a great sense of community. A few hundred meters away on the Whistler Village stroll, you can find nightclubs like Garf’s, Moe Joes, Buffalo Bills, and Apres Apres. All the clubs are underground with lively music and plenty of dancing. You can count on an exciting night if you make your way to one of these bars to finish your evening.


Rock Climbing at The Core

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and get some exercise while doing it, rock climbing and bouldering at the Whistler Core is a super fun way to burn some energy and test your strength. With both a bouldering area and climbing walls there is plenty of room to space out and climb. The climbing wall has three True Blue auto-belay systems that allow you to climb without a belay partner. If bouldering is more your style, the bouldering area has a cave, chimney, and crack climbing. With multiple experienced route setters that work to create a fun climbing experience for everyone, they create routes with a range of difficulty from V0 to V7/8 for bouldering and 5.6 to 5.12 for wall climbing. Shoe and harness rental are available if you don’t have your own.

Rock Climbing

Forged Axe Throwing

A short drive south down the sea to sky highway will bring you to Function Junction, where you can find Forged AXE. Forged Axe Throwing is an exciting way to spend your evening with multiple axe types and targets. You can test your strength, technique, and accuracy while chucking axes. The fun of throwing axes is amplified with friendly competition and food and beverage available. You can book a time slot through their website or over the phone.

Forged Axe Throwing

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