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Employee Alta Lake Environment clean up

3 ways to preserve the Alta Lake Environment

Every summer, thousands come to Whistler to recreate, enjoy the outdoors and spend time on the many lakes in the Whistler valley. However, for all who come to enjoy the pristine natural environment, increased use means the valley floor becomes littered with garbage. The snow-capped mountains and luscious greenery of the valley are what make this area so special and garbage left behind not only in the garbage cans but all over the space everyone recreates can hinder this experience. The importance of keeping these places clean is imminent. If the common practice of leaving deflated floaties, beer cans, and garbage continue in Alta lake and the River of Golden Dreams, we will see a decrease in sustainable use, and the natural environment.

1. Pack it in, pack it out

The first rule should be a given. But, it needs to be said, pack it in, pack it out. If you are going onto the lake, or down the river it is extremely important to bring everything you brought with you back to shore and dispose of it properly. This includes food wrappers, drink containers, and popped floaties, all finding their rightful resting places in their respected recycling, compost, or garbage bins. Whistler has a great recycling program and you can find proper receptacles at many locations along your journey.

2. Backroads Whistler River Clean-ups

Backroads Whistler puts on a monthly River of Golden Dreams clean-ups and an annual Alta Lake clean-up. Backroads’ commitment to the environment they operate, is bar none. The removal of thousands of pounds of garbage is organized and facilitated by the folks at Backroads Whistler. To get involved, keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or, give them a call to find out how you can help out.

3. Avoid Using Inflatable Boats on Alta Lake

The use of inflatable boats like the explorer 200 to float the River of Golden Dreams is terrible for the environment, not only on the River of Golden Dreams but the global environment as well. Thousands of these inflatable plastic floaties end up in the garbage at the end of the river or worse, abandoned on the side of the river, regardless of whether they have a hole in them or not. They then go to landfills furthering the climate change issues. In addition, to the global impact of the explorer 200’s, the floaties that don’t make it to the end of the river sit in trees, on river banks, or the bottom of the river left to disrupt and poison the wildlife. Please preserve the spaces where we recreate. Use your common sense, don’t litter.

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